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Creative Designs

When it comes to a successful website, it is always more than just an innovative and creative effort. It also requires forethought and planning that has to be well conceptualize in delivering a website which meets all of the requirements and the needs of a client. Here at Earth Path (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), we can provide you more than just creative designs.

How a website is laid out, as to what fonts, images, and colors you use, or even the ones you do not use, could mean a difference between your success and your failure.

Here with us at Earth Path, we always make sure that the visitors are going to exit your website fully satisfied. Here are some things we do in order to get your visitor’s attention.

Professional and a polished logo. Your logo is a very important part of the brand that you are trying to sell. So, we always make sure that it will be located prominently to your website. We are using a high-resolution image and a feature on some particular spaces on the pages. At the same time, it is a very good rule in linking your logo back on your homepage because it is going to be very easy for your visitors in navigating it.

Natural navigation. The primary navigation option is usually deployed on a horizontal bar together at the top of your site. You can also provide a secondary navigation option below your primary navigation bar, or at the margin of your site, which is known to be the sidebar.

Now, you may ask why an intuitive navigation is important. A confusing navigation layout is only going to result at your visitors quitting you page instead of spending their time trying to figure it all out. So rather than putting some links on the less important pages, which detract from your own call to the action or the primary information, you can put these less important links or some information at your bottom page right at the footer.

Straight to the point. During these days, it is very easy in being visually overloaded with a lot of images. And it already comes to a point when our brains happen to stop processing all of the information when we are confronted with a lot of options.

In order to make your visitor stay on your page, you have to make sure that your pages are not going to have competing calls to an action or a visual clutter which is going to draw the eyes of your visitors away from the most essential part of your website. In order for you to limit your clutter on your website, you should keep in mind that you also have to limit the options and the links in the header and the footer in narrowing their concentration much further.

Another tip to streamline pages is to keep the content short. In most of the websites, one paragraph must be not more than five up to six sentences.

Give your visitor a breathing room. You must create a sufficient space between your images and your paragraphs so that your visitor is going to have an enough space where he can breathe and will be able to absorb all features that your website and your business will have to offer.