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Earth Path’s (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), IT Design Services can address four particular areas then act as an information that gathers sessions in understanding your existing environment and the challenges to your business, to start the planning process in reaching your top goals in the technology. Earth Path’s expertise is revolving around the Server and Storage, Data Center, Convergence and Software in order to optimize a performance, mitigate all of the risks, and maximize all of the value of IT in your business. Our services include:

Design proof of Concept. Efficiently demonstrated on how a specific technology or product is capable and viable of solving all of the specific challenges in your company.

Infrastructure Design Services.Accurate planning in IT and design are very important so you will be able to make sure that your performance would be flawless. Scalability and resiliency must always be carefully architected and considered.

Strategic and Operational IT Planning.Considered to be a subset of a strategic plan in every work, this is going to describe a short-term ways to achieve various milestones and must be able to explain what, or how a portion of a specific strategic and operational plan is going to be implemented during the given amount of time.

Earth Path Deployment Planning.Earth Path (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), develops and maintains many plans which are required so you can initially deploy, develop, and maintain all of the operational system in an accordance with your IT priorities and your schedule as well.

For us, offering technology solution more than only providing technology products. At the same time, it must include various services portfolio, which are designed in providing the best performance throughout the lifecycle of IT, and it also must maximize the value on your business.

Earth Path (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), is one of the leading providers of technology from around Saudi Arabia with an expertise in the field of planning and design, management and cloud, integration and deployment, and also, maintenance and warranty services. We have a wide range of experience that includes working with different clients in different areas of commercial like public sector, education, and enterprise.

For us, planning is very important. It is going to determine your strengths and it will also show your weaknesses and it will allow your own business to be more creative and fiscal in the next days, which are about to come. Earth Path is only using an unmatched expertise in the technical field in designing every plan, which is going to serve all of your needs that will also live with your budget.

In working with us, you can now finally simplify deployment of a new technology in your environment with our company’s Integration and Implementation Service. You can always count on Earth Path’s (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), certified technicians in performing a wide variety of different services from a hardware configuration to software imaging to a complex builds of the rack servers and the networks in all of the updated laboratories of our company.

We provide the highest levels of customization, manage, implement a large-scale network rollouts and the overall technology as well.