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In a world where everything almost depends on the newest wave of technology, almost every business depends on a fast, effective, dependable, and accurate IT solutions so they could compete in the market. There is hardly ever a department or a function in a specific company, which is not mission, critical or dependent on the technology in performing at their best.

During these days, the environment of the technology today are becoming a lot more complex: cloud services, data centers, mobile devices, secure networking, desktops, and custom applications all need to web transparently in creating an employee, client or partner experience that is perfect. That is where our company, Earth Path (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), comes in. We will be able to support each phase of the technology lifecycle in being your IT solutions and trusted business partners.

We are always here to help enhance your business.

These days when the technology infrastructures are complex, the role of Earth Path as your business partner for your IT solutions is very simple: we are always here to help enhance your business. What is only not simple is to fulfilling the role in a certain global scale with a personal attention that you and your business really needs, and that is where we excel.

After several years in this business, our company, Earth Path (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), is now serving a lot of big companies in several various countries. In order to help these certain companies, we have grown this business, which delivers complete IT solutions from all of the leading software and hardware providers from all around the world. The products are backed up with a complete set of services, which will be able to support your own business needs, by deployment, planning, operation, and changing that technology solution of yours.

Earth Path’s whole organization was built originally in providing a continuous assistance and a support in the total lifecycle of IT. In order to achieve that, our company’s services are delivered through IT solutions business that is consisted of over 35 teammates across the world. These certain people take pride on themselves to know your business from the very top to the bottom in applying IT solutions which will provide the best impact and will make sure that it is going to benefit everything in your business.

In building our company today as IT solutions in the business, Earth Path (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), has learned in staying always a step ahead in the latest technologies and the changing needs off the businesses, whether it is small or large. Since Earth Path’s foundation day, we have morphed from a hardware seller to a service provider of the IT solutions architect. On the other hand, we have never lost our sight on the human elements in everything we do, and it does not matter how powerful a technology could be.

The truth is that we can provide you in any It solutions or services that you needs. The more you learn about our company, the more you will realize that we are the perfect business partner for you.