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Search Engine Optimization

These days, we all know the significance to have presence online in the business. The nature that it takes may vary; maybe you would like your website’s brand awareness to be increased or perhaps you own a retail business and your business is working as an ecommerce store. You might have think that as soon as you pay money for your new website, you are all done. Nevertheless, you need to consider your site as a shop window to your online store or business. Only because you have a shop, does not mean that people will enter it necessarily. This is where Earth Path’s (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), team of experts come to help you to optimize your website content and with the Search Engine Optimization or the SEO.

We in Earth Path (the Saudi partners of Designers-Den), can help you to optimize your website’s content in order to make it more readable for the search engines. The search engine such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing are sending out spiders periodically, to crawl through masses of code and in order to index what they have found. Think of it as a librarian going through all of the periodicals that they find in order for them to be able to keep their card catalogue updated. If the periodicals are not correctly labeled, or they are on the wrong shelf in the library, then your job will become much more difficult. That is what significantly the Search Engine Optimization will find to correct through our provision of professional content.

Of course, great web design will be the starting point of the process and you will usually see other designers advertising their services to be SEO-friendly or SEP-compliant. However, this does not mean automatically that they build you a website that will be found automatically on the page one of your search engine for the keyword you chosen. With our 10 years of expertise in the industry providing solutions on SEO issues that many businesses require, we are using clean code, conforming ideally to the w3w web standards, making it much easier for the spiders to crawl. By the clean code, we mean that the heading tags are being used in the right order and the data will be presented in a format logically. The easier it is for your website to be crawled, the better optimized your website will be. Nevertheless, there are some other additional steps, which we can implement for you as soon as your website was built.

The most basic of the steps that we provide you is making sure that you have unique meta data on every page. The Meta data is the thing that you are seeing on the Search Engine Ranking Pages or the SERPs, when you carry out a search for a certain keyword. The Meta title need to reflect the broad content of what was on the page having the Meta description to provide a more detailed synopsis. When you write your meta content, you need to be careful of the keyword stuffing, or you can leave it all to our team of professionals. We will ensure to keep your content diverse, unique, and extremely dynamic.